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Keep your mind and body healthy with an AI-powered wellbeing platform.

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A mental health treatment plan aligned with your goal

Choose a goal and our AI-powered engine will create a daily activity plan to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Reduce anxiety
Stress less
Overcome depression
Boost self-esteem
Be more productive
Improve my sleep
Treat eating disorder

Exercises and meditations that are right for you

Improve your physical and mental wellness with a personalized workout and meditation program. Keep your exercise routine on track and build good habits with a built-in progress tracker.


Clear your mind and find your inner peace


Boost your energy and beat fatigue


Take a quick assessment to get your mental health treatment plan

Take a 30-second quiz to instantly develop a mental health care plan best suitable to your well-being


Start your menthal health journey with us

Assessment test

Take a free test for mental health self-assessment.

AI-powered treatment plan suitable to your goal and lifestyle

Benefit from a personalized workout plan.


Dashboard with podcasts and workouts

All-in-one dashboard to provide a seamless experience.

Mental health journal

Journal your feelings and thoughts to gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health.


Mood tracker

Record your moods throughout the day to find your life patterns and identify bad mood triggers

Hundreds of clear-cut exercises

Unlimited access to workouts to stop negative thoughts and increase your dopamine levels


Customized meditation podcasts from the world’s best coaches

Medications to find inner peace and reduce stress


Choose your favorite authors and instructors around the globe

Access the well-being marketplace to meet respected meditation teachers and learn from their experience

Worldwide experts

A solution that brings outcomes right now and for the future

Theraheal Mental Health Program is not just a one-time investment in your life, it’s your whole lifestyle. Motivate yourself, build up new habits, and start loving yourself right now.

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